"Fashions fade, Style is eternal"

Yves St. Laurent


Hi all, and welcome to my website.


My name is Alicia Romain and I was born and currently reside in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. I have many loves in life, including travel, food and settling in to watch my latest Asian drama. However, on top of all of these, is my love for fashion and personal styling. My passion for personal styling has definitely been influenced by my style journey and the many lessons I’ve learnt along the way as it relates to developing and curating my personal style. Using these lessons to help others navigate their own style path has been one of my greatest joys.


In 2018, I enrolled in an online course to receive certification in Personal Styling with the New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD). I completed and received official certification in Personal Styling from NYIAD in April 2020. During my time spent doing the course, my knowledge and appreciation of the importance of Personal Styling, especially for women grew tremendously.  It was during this period, that I began to wonder about how I could share the skills I had learned from the course and my own experiences with Personal Styling with other women.  From these thoughts, ASR Style was born.


ASR Style was created to provide an affordable and convenient styling service for women over 25 who may be struggling with their personal style.  Whether it’s figuring out how to wear the clothes in your closet; what styles look good on you; learning how to dress your body type; styling yourself for a specific event; or learning how to shop smarter, ASR Style is here for you.  Through its Personal Styling Services, ASR Style’s goal is to work with you to ensure that when you step out, you step with confidence and that your style tells the world exactly what you want it to hear.

So, ready to start your style journey? Connect with ASR Style through its Instagram or Facebook pages or just send a quick email to asrstylett@gmail.com and let’s begin! Looking forward to hearing from you.

xx Alicia R.

ASR Style.