Personal Shopping

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ASR Style offers you two shopping options.

Option 1 Alicia shops with you: Set up a shopping appointment with Alicia. This appointment will be designed to fit your budget, styling needs and preferred shopping location. During the appointment Alicia will assist you in picking pieces that can add value to your closet, paying attention to the colours, fabric and fit that works best for you. 

Option 2 Alicia shops for you: Alicia meets with you either in person or through  a video consult where your style need is established. Once completed, Alicia does the shopping for you at your preferred physical or online retail outlets. Your items are delivered to you and a fitting will take place. Alicia will take care of any necessary returns or exchanges on purchased items.


Option 1: TTD$500/USD$75 per hour for the first 2 hours. TTD$ 450/USD$65 per hour for every additional hour


Option 2: TTD$1000 base charge. Includes a 1 hour in person fitting and facilitation of any returns or exchanges needed.

(Prices do not include actual price of items purchased).


To book an appointment send an email to or DM us on our Instagram or Facebook pages with your name and email and/or WhatsApp contact info  and we will contact you.