Accessory Spotlight. The Tassel Earring!

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Statement accessories are one of the most effective ways to transform any outfit into an exquisite look that makes you stand out.

For the first post in my Accessory Spotlight Series, I am turning the light on one of the most popular statement accessories 2019 has given us, ‘The Tassel Earring’. The perfect combination of playfulness and colour, the Tassel Earring is one of the year’s hottest accessory trends, and I’m simply loving it.

Accessory Trend: The Tassel Earring.
Accessory Trend: The Tassel Earring shown here in coral (left) and aquamarine (right)

How to wear them with your everyday looks?

If you’ve seen these beauties in the stores or online (you should have, they’re everywhere), and you’re wondering how to integrate them into your everyday looks, three key things to remember are:

1. There’s a lot of fun and colour already packed into these earrings, so try not to overdo the look when pairing them with an outfit. So, if your outfit already has loads of colour and/or patterns in it, I’d recommend choosing a pair of Tassel Earrings that picks up or complements one of the main colours in your outfit (see an example of this in the picture below).

2. If you’re wearing more muted or neutral colours, then the Tassel Earring can be your pop of fun and colour. Opt for a brighter and colourful pair to add to your outfit.

3. Even though the earrings go well with really any hairstyle, to really draw attention to them, a pulled back hairstyle may work best.

For more styling advice for these great accessory additions, make sure to check out Outfit Trends.

How to integrate the Tassel Earring into your outfit.
Forest Green Tassel Earrings picks up the green in the model's dress..

Where to get them?

If you are thinking of getting a pair ..or a few (no judgement here) of this funky and fun accessory, here are some store recommendations to get them right here in Trinidad and Tobago:

  • Wonderful World (branches nationwide)

  • She Rocks (branches in Chaguanas and Gulf City Mall)

  • Pink Friday (Busy Corner Mall, Main Road, Chaguanas)

Okay. That's it for today's Accessory Spotlight. I'd love to know if you have you come across this popular accessory trend, and if so, what are your thoughts on it? Also, are there any other accessory trends that have caught your eye? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Till then.

Stay Stylish My Friends.




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