Get the Most Out Of Online Shopping.

My beautiful style tribe,

This post is dedicated to my fellow online shopaholics. Yes you with your Amazon cart open, I'm talking to you :)

As with regular retail shopping, when you shop online I believe that your main goal should be to purchase quality items without bursting your budget. To help you achieve this, below I've rounded up some great online shopping tips.

1. Shop on the right day.

Many times when we make purchases online, we do so on a whim, or whenever the credit card fairy inspires us to swipe that card. This isn't the best practice however, if you want to get the most out of the money you are spending online. The main reason for this is that research has shown that some days are better than others for online shopping. In fact recent analysis conducted by retail analysis website has shown that Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days for making online purchases as it relates to getting deals, while weekends, especially Sundays are the worst. Like everything else, this information is quite fluid and may change over time. My advice to you, would be to conduct a little research of your own on some of your favourite online purchases. You can do this simply by observing the prices of these purchases on different days of the week and establish a pattern for the days which offer the best prices. Once you've done this, you can use this information to inform your choice of days for shopping online and ensure that you grab those deals.

2. Beat the dynamic pricing trap.

If you have never heard of dynamic pricing before, put simply it's this sneaky trick that online retailers use to show different prices to different online customers based on several factors including their location, browsing history and spending patterns. So, if you have made some pricey online purchases in the past, there is a great chance these purchases have influenced the price points of online items that you are looking to purchase now. The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect yourself from this sneaky trap. Some of these include:

-Logging out of accounts such as Facebook, G+ and emails before making any online purchases.

-Clear your browsing history and cookies before shopping. If you're not sure how to do this just head over to Google to find out how, it's pretty simple.

-Choose the localized version of the site you are shopping on.

3. Stop ignoring those sign-up opt-ins on your favourite online shopping sites.

On your next online shopping trip, you may notice that while browsing the site, a pop up window appears on your screen inviting you to submit your name and email address to be added to the site's mailing list. If you've made it a habit of ignoring these pop-ups, my advice would be to stop. Now I am not at all saying to submit your information to every retail site, (who has the time for all that clutter email), however, if there are a few sites that you shop on fairly regularly, being added to their mailing list can offer you significant pay-offs later on. When you're added to an online retail outlet's mailing list, you are usually part of an elite group who receives the first news of any discounts, deals or giveaways that the stores are offering. This information will go a long way in helping you to make the most of the money you are spending on these purchases.

4. Follow your favourite retail outlets and brands on social media.

This is yet another great way to be at the front seat for receiving information on when retail outlets are offering sales, discounts and special giveaways. So be sure to follow your favourite retail outlets on their various social media platforms and start benefiting from all those deals.

5. Make bulk purchases.

Purchasing more than one item from an online retailer during an online shopping trip helps you to benefit from saving add-ons such as free-shipping and discounted prices upon checkout. So my advice here, is that unless it's not an emergency, take the time and wait till you can afford at least 2 to 3 items in your shopping cart in one go before making online purchases. The money you will save by shopping this way is absolutely worth it.

6. Check for coupon codes.

And for my final tip, on your next online shopping trip, be sure to check to see if there are any coupon codes to be applied to your purchase before your final check out. Sometimes these are a bit hidden, so be sure to look carefully before hitting that last checkout button. Information on coupon codes are also supplied through the site's email list (so like I said above get on that list).

I really hope these tips can help you become a smarter online shopper so that you can get the most of your online shopping experience every time. After all you (and your credit card) definitely deserve this :)

What do you think of these tips? Are there any others that you use to make sure you are getting the best deals for your money? Let me know in the comments below.

Till then, shop smarter and stay stylish my friends :)


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