Let's talk body types- 'The Hourglass Girl'.

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

My wonderful style tribe,

In this post I'm discussing some great styling tips for one of the five basic body types, the hourglass girl.

1. The Hourglass Girl.

Who is the hourglass girl?

The hourglass girl is the girl who has wide shoulders and high hips that are balanced to her shoulders. She has a well defined waist and her bust and hip measurements are usually fairly even. She may also have a fuller bust, hips and thighs.

Styling 'dos' for the hourglass girl.

  • Define your waist: when you're putting together your outfits, make sure to always define your waist. You can achieve this with belts or dresses and other wardrobe pieces that cinch at your waist.

Belted dresses are great options for the hourglass girl.

  • Create balance in your outfits: You want to ensure that your outfits don't leave you looking 'top' or 'bottom' heavy. This can happen if you wear a pattern or stripe that emphasizes just one half of your body. So for example if you're wearing a dominant pattern like horizontal stripes on top, you want to wear them at the bottom as well to create balance.

Create balance in your outfits.

  • Wear fitted clothes: Fitted clothes work best as it helps to accentuate your natural figure.

Fitted clothes work best to accentuate this body shape.

  • Wear comfortable shapewear: Shapewear works wonders to help provide a smooth finish to your outfits.

Styling 'dont's for the hourglass girl.

  • Avoid baggy/over-sized clothing: Wearing baggy clothing on an hourglass body destroys the shape and makes your body appear larger.

Baggy outfits are not great options for the hourglass girl.

  • Straight cuts and boxy styles: These hide your waist and can make you look shapeless.

Avoid straight cuts like this dress.
  • Avoid high necklines: High necklines like the picture below exaggerates your upper half and draws attention away from your waist which should be the focal point of any outfit you wear.

  • Avoid double-breasted jackets and jackets that end on the widest part of your rear: Double-breasted jackets are unflattering as they add bulk to your upper body and will make you appear larger while also hiding your waist. Jackets that rest right on your rear are similarly unflattering as they will make the bottom half of your body appear wider than it is.

Double breasted jackets are unflattering to this body type.

Okay that's the post for today. For my hourglass girls out there who may be facing style challenges I do hope it helps in some way. Let me know in the comments below and be sure to look out for the rest of this series :)

Till then, stay stylish my friends and don't forget to show your love for the post by clicking the heart button below :)



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