What's Your Style Personality?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Ladies have you ever taken the time to think about what your style personality is? If you haven't, I strongly recommend you take some time to give it some thought.

Understanding your style personality, which is that innately unique character within all women that drives them towards certain style choices, is the key to discovering and owning your personal style. Like popular Image Consultant Natalie Jobity says in her book Frumpy to Fabulous, ‘style is knowing who you are…it’s about making your ensembles ring true, by mixing them with your attitude and personality’.

If you've found yourself struggling to develop your own style, I truly believe that spending some time on this, will be a great way to start. To help you out, here are five core style personalities that may describe your personal style.

1. The Classic/Traditionalist: A woman with a classic or traditionalist style personality is attracted to timeless pieces and loves a structured fit in her wardrobe pieces. She tends to avoid fussy prints, trends or attention seeking accessories. Her style projects a very conservative and business like image. If you find yourself drawn to such polished, sleek and elegant looks then this is you.

Example of a Classic Style Personality
Former First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama is the ultimate example of a 'Classic Style Personality' although she definitely has some other style personalities in the mix.

2. The Romantic: If your style personality is romantic, you’re a lady who projects a very feminine image, and whose wardrobe pieces are adorned with delicate details such as bows, ruffles and lace. The romantic enjoys dressing up and planning their wardrobe for every event, occasion or day wear.

Unlike the traditionalist, the romantic prefers styles with gently curved lines that flow loosely over the body and tend to go for more non-structured and softer shapes in her wardrobe selections.

Example of a Romantic Style Personality
Actress Natalie Portman is a perfect example of a 'Romantic Style Personality'

3. The Outdoorsy/Natural/Casual: If you’re a woman who likes clothes that are simple, not fussy and laid back, then this is your style personality. The outdoorsy or natural woman prefers a dressed down look that allows her to feel comfortable in her own skin. Not at all sloppy, she is one who has mastered the art of looking effortlessly cool in the simplest of outfits. Her style can be described as casual and relaxed.

Actress Jennifer Aniston is well known for her casual and laid back style.
Actress Jennifer Aniston is a great example of a 'Casual/Outdoorsy Style Personality'.

4. The Dramatic/Diva: A total opposite to the natural girl, the dramatic or diva’s aim is to make a fashion-statement when she dresses. Her wardrobe is characterized by bold and exaggerated pieces and accessories. A lover of dramatic prints and patterns, the diva usually opts for styles with sleek, angled or dramatic straight lines and is very drawn to edgy designs. If you are a dramatic at heart, then staying on trend with the latest fashions will also be important.

Example of a Diva Style Personality, Model Naomi Campbell
When Diva Style Personalities like Model, Naomi Campbell dress, they do so to make a statement.

5. The Eclectic: an eclectic’s style in a word can be described as artsy. Her wardrobe selections are bold, imaginative and are usually on-of-a-kind types of pieces. The eclectic is not at all afraid to take fashion risks and favours mixing it up in her wardrobe by pairing unconventional prints, patterns and fabrics together.

An example of an 'Eclectic Style Personality'.
The 'Eclectic Style Personality' is not afraid to take risks with her style and favors mixing different fabrics and prints in her fashion choices.

Now that I’ve highlighted these five core style personalities, it’s important to remember that it is possible to identify with more than one of these. What’s good about analyzing these style personalities and seeing which one(s) you really relate too, is that you’re then able to start piecing together what your true signature style is.

What are your thoughts on the style personalities I discussed? Do any of them make you scream ‘oh my gosh that’s so me!’? Do you have any interesting style personality combinations? Mine is the Romantic/Casual. Let me hear from you in the comments below.

Also be sure to look out for future posts where I will discuss some fun strategies and great wardrobe pieces for each style personality highlighted here today.

Till then. Stay stylish my friends.



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