Your work day may be dull..but your work outfit doesn't have to be.

Updated: May 5, 2020

Getting through your work day can be really challenging at times. However, wouldn't you agree that you feel a little bit better about your work day when you are confident and happy about what you are wearing. I'm a firm believer in the mantra, look good..feel good. When you make that extra effort to add a little creativity and fun to your work outfit, I truly believe it can help make the gloomiest of work days just a bit brighter.

Taking the time to find ways to breathe some life into your work look, does not at all have to be a daunting or challenging task. Let me share with you three easy tricks I use to add some life into my own work wardrobe.

Getting creative with my black and grey skirt suit by pairing it with one of my favourite blazers from Worthington.

1. Add a fun blazer to your office look.

Whether paired with a dress, pants or skirt suit, adding an interesting blazer to your work outfit can really add some creativity to your look. The types of office blazers available are endless, it really depends on your personal style and of course your work environment.

If you work in a more conservative environment that favours neutral or dark colours, then experimenting with a bright coloured or patterned blazers may not be for you. In that case you can experiment with the style of blazer instead. Check out website 'Thred Up' for some fun blazer styles including the Tuxedo Twist and Cropped Blazer.

Elevating this office look with a striped print on my blazer and a polka-dot print on my blouse.

2. Go for prints.

Adding prints to your work outfit is an easy and very effective way to add some creativity to your office wardrobe. Prints that I would recommend include, floral prints, stripes or polka dots. If your work environment is a bit more relaxed you can maybe get a little more daring and try prints such as leopard or snakeskin. You can start by using prints in one aspect of your work outfit such as a printed blouse, blazer, skirt or pants or if you're feeling to step out of the safe zone you can even try including prints in two pieces like I did in the pic above.

Adding a pop of colour to my work outfit with a simple but effective bright pink lip colour.

3. Add a pop of colour.

How far you go with this depends on your own style and the environment in which you work. Nonetheless, there are levels to which colour can be added to your office ensemble. If you’re willing to really go bold and be a source of brightness in your office, try adding some of this season’s hot colours recommended by Pantone, such as Fiesta, Living Coral and Aspen Gold to your office looks

Look for these colours in your favourite work dresses, blouses and shirts, pants and skirt suits. Also, be sure to choose colours that match your skin tone (more on this in a later post). If you’re a bit more on the conservative side, how about using your accessories as the colour addition to your work look. This can be done by adding a colourful scarf, handbag, shoes or lip colour like I did in the pic above.

So, these are my three quick and easy ways to get a little creative with my work wardrobe. Now that I’ve shared these with you, I’m hoping you get inspired to have some fun with your own office style and remember your work day may be far from perfect but you’re outfit can be! Let me know what you think of the ideas I’ve shared and feel free to let me know some things you do to add a little spice to your work looks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Till then. Stay Stylish.




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